7 Amazing Tools to Keep Learning at Any Age


I think one of the biggest reality checks after graduating college was realizing that the learning does not stop when you get that diploma. Going to school is only the beginning of the learning process. But personally, I like it that way!

I think embracing new knowledge is the best ways to stay humble and improve yourself as a person. Learning new things makes you a more interesting, makes it easier to relate and communicate with different types of people, and overall just makes you more confident in diverse situations.

So for those who, like me, want to continue to learn and grow post-collegehere are 7 awesome tools you must check out!


I am pretty much obsessed with Skillshare. You can sign up for online classes on just about anythingbusiness, culinary arts, design, DIY, music, photography, writingthe list goes on.


Each class provides a rating, based on student reviews, as well as how many people have taken the course.

It’s only $8 a month if you pay annually and $10 if you pay monthly. The best part is that includes unlimited classes! You also get a free-14 day trial.

Academic Earth

This site has over 750 free online courses to choose from. These are college courses and lectures from MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Berkeley, and other well-credited universities.


Dabble is Chicago-based but they are expanding to other citiesMilwaukee being one of themyay! 

Dabble is a great option for those who are hands-on learners because these classes are in person. They offer students the opportunity to “dabble” in a new skillset.  Another great thing about Dabble is you can use the classes as a networking opportunities (and actually get outside of the house)!

They offer a variety of classes from dance, to blogging, to business, to artyou name it! Classes are all $20.


I don’t think people utilize YouTube enough for educational purposes. Don’t get me wrong, I love a funny animal video more than the next girl, but there are also so many free learning opportunities!

Make sure to download the app on your phone so you can learn quick, on the go.


I wouldn’t use Pinterest for higher education learning; but I definitely would utilize it for every day tasks or general things you want to learn more about.

I use Pinterest for recipes, beauty tutorials, DIY projects, and fitness training. What I love about Pinterest is you can pin things to specific boards and return to them when needed. For those who like to be organized, Pinterest is definitely for you!

TED Talks

I have so many friends and coworkers who swear by TED Talks. These aren’t necessarily used for learning specific skills, like welding or changing the oil in your car, but they are great for broadening your mind.

Ted Talks are usually 18 minutes or less and are extremely powerful.

Local Library

It’s funny because in college I never really studied in the library, or went there unless it was pretty much necessary. I always crammed for exams in my dorm or apartment. But since graduation, I love the library! I think it’s because I don’t have to worry about running into my crush or a bunch of my friends who would distract me (hand on head).

But other than the peace and quietpublic libraries are perfect for learning new things if you’re on a budget.



What are some of your favorite ways to learn new things post-college? Please share!

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