Selling Used Items Online

Make Quick Cash | Tips for Selling Used Items Online

I've heard many times that a person usually does not come into solid financial stability until their thirties—kind of bad news for those of us who have 4 or more years to go until we hit that stride. But if you think about it, the logic is there. Especially with
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Peppermint Espresso Scrub

Miracle Peppermint Espresso Scrub

It's like clockwork, the second the temperature drops, my skin morphs into a dull, lifeless mess. So I took the liberty of conducting some research in hopes to find a combination of natural ingredients that I could use to heal my skin. Now, I'm all about instant gratification (but aren't
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feathering lips

How to Avoid Feathering Lips

Fall is finally upon us and that means we get to experiment with some pretty fabulous lipstick shades! But with the cool temperatures, lips can become dry and our lipstick can start to feather and bleed. Not so fabulous if you ask me. Feathering mostly occurs when you have dry
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organic makeup brush cleaner

Homemade Organic Makeup Brush Cleaner

One of the most important parts of my skincare routine is cleaning my makeup brushes. And if you don't clean your makeup brushes on a regular basis—you need to start! When you use your makeup brushes oil, dirt, makeup, and bacteria get stuck in the bristles. Which means if you
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7 Amazing Tools to Keep Learning at Any Age

I think one of the biggest reality checks after graduating college was realizing that the learning does not stop when you get that diploma. Going to school is only the beginning of the learning process. But personally, I like it that way! I think embracing new knowledge is the best
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Sunday Funday

An Old Soul’s Guide to Sunday Funday

You know, being an 80-something in a 20-something's body is actually really hard work. {Tweet this} Hangovers have somehow progressed from being minor morning headaches, to feeling like I a got an actual head transplant. Getting ready is now more of a burden than actually being fun. And is it
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