happiness is...

Morning Muse: Happiness is…

Today’s morning muse: If you haven't had a chance to read Michael Strahan's book "Wake Up Happy," you need to get on it, stat! For some reason it takes me forever to read through fiction—but non-fiction—that's a whole different story. Tina Fey's book Bossy Pants. . . yeah that was
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Morning Muse: The 3 Things You Must Do Today, and Everyday

Today’s morning muse: I was sitting at my grandfather's funeral, my little sister on one side of me, and my older brother on the other. We were waiting for our family and friends to arrive for the visitation and to say their condolences to the rest of our family. We
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Morning Muse: Change Your Mind, Change Your World.

Today’s morning muse: Life is funny. One day you are on top of the world and the next you are laying in your bed, staring at the ceiling, and want nothing more than to just close the curtains and shut out the world. I guess that's not funny per se—but
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Today’s Morning Muse | For Young Entrepreneurs

Today's morning muse: To say that being an entrepreneur is tough, especially in your mid-twenties, is an understatement. Following your dreams can be extremely stressful and disheartening at times. The reality is, you never stop working. While others work in routine, and get to watch the clock tick down to
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7 Amazing Tools to Keep Learning at Any Age

I think one of the biggest reality checks after graduating college was realizing that the learning does not stop when you get that diploma. Going to school is only the beginning of the learning process. But personally, I like it that way! I think embracing new knowledge is the best
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Social Cleanse

Social Cleansing: The Best Decision I Ever Made

I’m sure you’ve heard of several types of cleanses: juicing, herbal detoxes, fruit and veggie cleanses, the list goes on. But what about a social cleanse? After going through a few ups and down with relationships, friendships, and my career over the years—I finally realized that I have a significant
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