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Today’s morning muse: If you haven’t had a chance to read Michael Strahan’s book “Wake Up Happy,” you need to get on it, stat! For some reason it takes me forever to read through fiction—but non-fiction—that’s a whole different story. Tina Fey’s book Bossy Pants. . . yeah that was finished in about 24 hours. When it comes to cracking open the binding of a new book, I want it to be real. I want to learn about others—their struggles, their triumphs, their philosophies on life, the things that make

I’ve heard many times that a person usually does not come into solid financial stability until their thirties—kind of bad news for those of us who have 4 or more years to go until we hit that stride. But if you think about it, the logic is there. Especially with student loans, car payments, apartment/house payments, starting new jobs and having to work our way up—it’s a tough financial time for many of us. It never hurts to find outlets to make some extra cash! You can start by going

Today’s morning muse: I was sitting at my grandfather’s funeral, my little sister on one side of me, and my older brother on the other. We were waiting for our family and friends to arrive for the visitation and to say their condolences to the rest of our family. We all sat there staring at the casket and pretty numb to everything, and everyone, around us. I looked at my sister and said, “Isn’t it sad? It takes someone dying for all of us to be together.” And she agreed.

Today’s morning muse: Life is funny. One day you are on top of the world and the next you are laying in your bed, staring at the ceiling, and want nothing more than to just close the curtains and shut out the world. I guess that’s not funny per se—but it’s thought provoking. I was in Door County this past weekend with my boyfriend, a nice little getaway that we both wished could have lasted more than a couple days. On the way home we were playing the questions game.

First let me start by saying, I love Target. But it’s getting me in a lot of trouble! Their holiday wrapping this year is absolutely adorable so I couldn’t help but spend way too much on it (oopsies). I have really been digging the wanderlust/rustic/cottage vibe for a long time now and really wanted to incorporate it into the holiday season. The thing that really helped my gift wrapping is not being afraid to mix patterns and prints. I feel like we have always been told never to do that—but

It’s like clockwork, the second the temperature drops, my skin morphs into a dull, lifeless mess. So I took the liberty of conducting some research in hopes to find a combination of natural ingredients that I could use to heal my skin. Now, I’m all about instant gratification (but aren’t we all?). So finding something that worked quickly was key! The three ingredients I discovered were espresso coffee grounds, peppermint essential oil, and coconut oil. Alone these ingredients are fantastic, but together? Magic! I honestly have not had such smooth

We recently had some family come into town from Minnesota to spend the weekend. It was my cousin’s graduation party and an annual bike ride my family takes part in. We have a pretty large family so fitting everyone into one home doesn’t make sense; and throwing family into a hotel is not our style! So we had my cousin, his wife, and their two children stay with us while they rest of the family stayed at my aunt’s house. Sadly, I  had a million other things going on that

Fall is finally upon us and that means we get to experiment with some pretty fabulous lipstick shades! But with the cool temperatures, lips can become dry and our lipstick can start to feather and bleed. Not so fabulous if you ask me. Feathering mostly occurs when you have dry lips or a fair amount of wrinkles around the lip line. While moisturizing helps, there are a few other precautions you can take to ensure you lip color looks smooth and manicured all day long. Exfoliate lips. You can use

When you hit your mid-twenties, it’s time to be introduced to the world of hostess gifts. It wasn’t necessary to bring a gift to the host of a college kegger—but we are adults now and things are a little different! The parties you will start attending will have a more sophisticated food spread (not just a bowl of stale chips and pretzels), and usually drinks are provided…aka you won’t have to buy a cup. And let’s be real, food and drinks are expensive! So the whole purpose of a hostess

Today’s morning muse: To say that being an entrepreneur is tough, especially in your mid-twenties, is an understatement. Following your dreams can be extremely stressful and disheartening at times. The reality is, you never stop working. While others work in routine, and get to watch the clock tick down to 5pm, we do not get that luxury. We are constantly thinking about ways to push our business forward. We are always networking. Always seeking opportunity. Always trying to navigate our next move. Always trying to figure out who can trust

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