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First let me start by saying, I love Target. But it’s getting me in a lot of trouble! Their holiday wrapping this year is absolutely adorable so I couldn’t help but spend way too much on it (oopsies). I have really been digging the wanderlust/rustic/cottage vibe for a long time now and really wanted to incorporate it into the holiday season. The thing that really helped my gift wrapping is not being afraid to mix patterns and prints. I feel like we have always been told never to do that—but

We recently had some family come into town from Minnesota to spend the weekend. It was my cousin’s graduation party and an annual bike ride my family takes part in. We have a pretty large family so fitting everyone into one home doesn’t make sense; and throwing family into a hotel is not our style! So we had my cousin, his wife, and their two children stay with us while they rest of the family stayed at my aunt’s house. Sadly, I  had a million other things going on that

When you hit your mid-twenties, it’s time to be introduced to the world of hostess gifts. It wasn’t necessary to bring a gift to the host of a college kegger—but we are adults now and things are a little different! The parties you will start attending will have a more sophisticated food spread (not just a bowl of stale chips and pretzels), and usually drinks are provided…aka you won’t have to buy a cup. And let’s be real, food and drinks are expensive! So the whole purpose of a hostess