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Today’s morning muse: I was sitting at my grandfather’s funeral, my little sister on one side of me, and my older brother on the other. We were waiting for our family and friends to arrive for the visitation and to say their condolences to the rest of our family. We all sat there staring at the casket and pretty numb to everything, and everyone, around us. I looked at my sister and said, “Isn’t it sad? It takes someone dying for all of us to be together.” And she agreed.

Happy Holidays! I know I’ve been pretty sparse with the blog posts lately—the craziness of the holiday season always gets the best of me. Between Christmas shopping, wrapping the gifts (in some adorable wrapping from Target), sipping hot cocoa, baking cookies with my family and friends, enjoying some homemade beauty products—I’ve been a busy girl! Here are five of my favorite things from the holidays thus far . . . DIY rustic holiday wrapping Wilson snowman head candies Christmas cut-out cookies Miracle Peppermint Espresso Scrub “Ho Ho Ho” coffee mug

Fall is finally here and I’m so excited! I am pretty basic when it comes to this kind of stuff, but really have zero shame. I love boots, scarves, warm drinks, boots, loose fitting shirts, crispy air, stews, and snuggling while watching movies. Honestly, what is not to love about this season? Here are five things from the week that helped me start Autumn off with a bang Scarf and Rise and Shine mug  Fall golf Winter Boots and Mug Follow your dreams journal Schuett Farms in Mukwonago, WI

Fall is finally upon us and that means we get to experiment with some pretty fabulous lipstick shades! But with the cool temperatures, lips can become dry and our lipstick can start to feather and bleed. Not so fabulous if you ask me. Feathering mostly occurs when you have dry lips or a fair amount of wrinkles around the lip line. While moisturizing helps, there are a few other precautions you can take to ensure you lip color looks smooth and manicured all day long. Exfoliate lips. You can use

It’s not breaking news that I’m a fan of tea. And to be honest, I think when someone drinks more than three cups a tea a day it’s more than just liking tea–not ashamed! Tea has a lot of amazing health benefits. But all teas are not made equal. Certain teas help with certain issues you may be experiencing. Slow Metabolism / Energy Boost — Green and Cayenne Pepper Tea Insomnia — Chamomile, Lavender, and Valtarian Tea Seasonal Cold / Illness — Elderflower, Echinacea, Rose Hip, and White Tea Digestive

Five Things

five things

Happy Friday, beauties! What a week. I’m exhausted but so happy that it is finally Friday and I get a couple days off to be with friends and family. But even with the craziness, I still found time to enjoy the things that make me smile. Here is this week’s FIVE THINGS Well, everyone was telling me it’s time for a new phone cover. And I think this one fits me pretty well! 😉 I’m just here for the fortune cookie compliments, “The mysterious side of your nature makes you

Snowshoe Baseball is one of those terms that is flown around our family since I was born–but when we talk about it with other people we can count on getting some strange looks and a lot of questions. So if you aren’t familiar with this game, I’ll give you the quick breakdown! Snowshoe baseball is softball that is played wearing snowshoes and no gloves. In 1961 Lake Tomahawk Town Chairman, Ray Sloan, decided that he wanted to bring another source of entertainment to the small town for tourists and residents

When you hit your mid-twenties, it’s time to be introduced to the world of hostess gifts. It wasn’t necessary to bring a gift to the host of a college kegger—but we are adults now and things are a little different! The parties you will start attending will have a more sophisticated food spread (not just a bowl of stale chips and pretzels), and usually drinks are provided…aka you won’t have to buy a cup. And let’s be real, food and drinks are expensive! So the whole purpose of a hostess

One of the most important parts of my skincare routine is cleaning my makeup brushes. And if you don’t clean your makeup brushes on a regular basis—you need to start! When you use your makeup brushes oil, dirt, makeup, and bacteria get stuck in the bristles. Which means if you don’t clean your brushes, all of that will penetrate your skin clog your pores—causing breakouts, irritation, and even premature aging. I’ve found the best makeup brush cleaner. The best part? You can make it yourself! I’ve tried so many store

Over the past year I have fallen in love with quinoa! I started replacing my rice with quinoa in many recipes and it always tastes amazing. But a few days ago I was craving something a little different. I wanted quinoa, but also wanted something spicy, and a way to use up the chicken in my fridge that was going to expire (oops). Then it came to me—Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bowl! Such a simple recipe and it’s perfect for a filling lunch for one (or two if you double the

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