DIY Rustic Holiday Wrapping

Rustic Holiday Wrapping

First let me start by saying, I love Target. But it’s getting me in a lot of trouble! Their holiday wrapping this year is absolutely adorable so I couldn’t help but spend way too much on it (oopsies). I have really been digging the wanderlust/rustic/cottage vibe for a long time now and really wanted to incorporate it into the holiday season.

Rustic Gift Wrapping

The thing that really helped my gift wrapping is not being afraid to mix patterns and prints. I feel like we have always been told never to do that—but when we do some pretty awesome things can happen! The little gift tags were only $1 per pack and are so much better than the “To and From” stickers I used to use. I love how they pull the whole theme together.

I’m so excited to put these babies under the tree this year. But I would be lying if I said my heart isn’t going to break a little when they are torn open on Christmas morning (tear).

Rustic Wrapping Paper

So, thank you, Target. You may take my money way too often but you make my heart full—even if my bank account isn’t 😉


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