Morning Muse: Happiness is…

happiness is...

Today’s morning muse:

If you haven’t had a chance to read Michael Strahan’s book “Wake Up Happy,” you need to get on it, stat!

For some reason it takes me forever to read through fiction—but non-fiction—that’s a whole different story. Tina Fey’s book Bossy Pants. . . yeah that was finished in about 24 hours. When it comes to cracking open the binding of a new book, I want it to be real. I want to learn about others—their struggles, their triumphs, their philosophies on life, the things that make them tick—it fascinates me.

Whenever I read non-fiction, a highlighter is a must. The Happiness Project is practically all bright yellow streaks at this point. But even though I don’t agree with everything that I read in my favorite non-fiction books, I always gain something from each one.

When creating my own happiness I turn to advice my dad gave me a long time ago, “It’s okay to take pieces of those you admire in order to create the person you want to be.” I think of my dad’s advice like a recipe—we can all have the same thing we are trying to create, but we put our own little spice and technique into it—usually things we have seen or tasted elsewhere. Maybe you saw your grandma put cinnamon in her sweet potato recipes and her sweet potatoes were to die for—so now you do the same. While others may use marshmallow or honey in their sweet potato recipes because that’s how a friend or family member prepared it. But in the end, whatever way we create our dish, it’s all delicious in the end. So I live my life taking every opportunity to meet new people and learn from them. Always watching to see what spices and techniques they add to their life and figure out how I can incorporate it into mine. All in effort to grow into the person that will make me the happiest.

One main thing I took from “Wake Up Happy” is a quote from Shawn Anchor, “Happiness is the joy we feel striving towards our potential.”

This quote pairs perfectly with my Morning Muse: The 3 Things You Must Do Today, and Everyday. It’s all about the days we live and making them count and not letting each one just pass you by—or even worse, wishing them away.

If you look at everything as a destination, you will never enjoy your life. Because once you “get there,” you will not know what to do next. So it’s about forever changing and growing. It’s laughing, crying, and thinking through each step of the way to discover your own euphoria—that’s the key to happiness.


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