Simple Steps to Avoid Cakey, Blotchy Foundation

avoiding cakey foundation

Okay ladies, let’s talk foundation. There has been countless times I’ve applied my foundation and I feel like Beyoncéliterally just running the foundation world over here. But then the moment I get to where I’m going I look completely different! My face looks blotchy and my foundation has started to look cakey. What gives?

If you have this same problem, your application may be to blame.

avoid cakey foundation

Here are the steps to achieving flawless foundation that lasts all day!

1. Exfoliate
2. Moisturize
3. Prime
4. Build your coverage
5. Use a setting powder
6. Take care of your skin
7.  Use a high quality product

To read details on each step, check out My Crazy House, and read my full post!
You are only one click away from flawless, beautiful skin :)


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