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Today’s morning muse:

To say that being an entrepreneur is tough, especially in your mid-twenties, is an understatement. Following your dreams can be extremely stressful and disheartening at times. The reality is, you never stop working. While others work in routine, and get to watch the clock tick down to 5pm, we do not get that luxury. We are constantly thinking about ways to push our business forward. We are always networking. Always seeking opportunity. Always trying to navigate our next move. Always trying to figure out who can trust to bring onto our growing team. Realistically, we are always in work-mode.

But there is a tradeoff, my friends. While others get the routine and stability, we get the opportunity to build something our way, and take our ideas and dreams and try to make them a reality. We get total creative freedom—and that is a beautiful thing.

I stumbled upon this photo last week and it stood out to me because I thought, “That’s what it’s all about.” It’s a women sitting in her own office, that she probably designed herself, but clearly alone and looking like she needs about 3 espresso shots and a solid inspirational podcast, stat. There aren’t coworkers around to greet her when she starts her day. She doesn’t have piles of work on her desk from constant customers. But she’s still embracing the beauty of it all. How many people get to decide, “Hey, I want a swing in my office,” and actually get it? Not many. How many people get to say, “I need about an hour to just collect myself, and really think about my next move.” Not many. How many people get to sit barefoot in their office wearing torn jeans? Not many.

People constantly ask me what I do for fun and for work, and it’s always so bittersweet—what I do for fun is now what I do to make a living. And with that, I never stop working, and lines often get blurred. But that’s the nature of it all.

So to my fellow young entrepreneurs out there who are looking for a little inspiration this Monday morning—take a moment to swing today. Take the pressure off of yourself for a little bit and realize you are taking on something a lot of people are afraid to do. See the positives in this journey—and take the time to enjoy them.

Happy Monday, everyone :)

(Please comment and share with anyone who thinks will benefit from this today. We all are in this together!)

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

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