Up North Adventures: Wildwood Wildlife Park

Made a new friend

I fed a bear, took a selfie with a zebra, pet a giant tortoise, got my purse chewed by a baby goat, hung out with a bunch of deer, and a giraffe tried to make out with meI’d say it was a pretty epic day at Wildwood Wildlife Park in Minocqua, WI.

Not my proudest moment.

Growing up we knew it as “Jim Peck’s”the place where you can go up to domesticated deer and literally just hangout with them. But things have changed a lot since I was a little one! They now have over 1,000 animals that visitors can see, feed, and pet (including endangered and threatened species). Such a great place to visit if you are in the Northern Woods!

This little one just stole my heart! But don’t pick up the baby goats…you will get yelled at…so I hear….

Bambi’s momma came to say hello!

This little guy stood like a model for literally 15 minutes. What a beauty!

We raced…I lost.

And then the tongue attack!

My Harry Potter nerd moment.

Albino Deer

Albino Deer!


Just a bunch of roo’s!

Taking a little nature walk around the park.


Some of the iphone shots from the day.

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